The Importance of Persuasion in Telling Others About Jesus

To evangelize is to entice.

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  • Why must I eat my vegetables?
  • Why must I go to church?

What is persuasion?

The word persuade is synonymous with alluring, enticing, and wooing. When something is enticing, it lights up your affections to the point where they overcome you.

Christian and non-Christians are lovers

People aren’t computers, simply requiring the correct data input to output the desired results. They are lovers, driven by what they love. James 4v1–3 tells us it's our desires that drive us. In Luke 6v45, Jesus says that it is out of the heart’s overflow that the mouth speaks. All this confirms that we’re first and foremost lovers.

Persuasion speaks the language of our affections.

Lovers need to be enticed with the beauty, goodness, and truthfulness of the gospel — meaning we are to persuade them.

Why does persuasion get a bad rep?

Many examples exist of persuasion being used in a harmful way. It’s understandable why people are reluctant to use it in evangelism. Yet, misuse mustn’t detract from the usefulness of persuasion. Many people misuse hotels, but that doesn’t mean they mustn’t be used. Same for persuasion.

Examples of proper use of persuasion

Have you ever considered the Bible? How it’s put together? It’s the most influential and persuasive book ever written. All forms of persuasion can be found in it, from the use of various genres, miracles, parables and imageries, prophecies made and fulfilled, logical arguments, etc. If the Bible itself uses persuasion, I think it’s safe to assume we can use it too.

Final thoughts

Just as a parent will use all the tricks in the book to persuade a child to swallow their medicine, Christians should use all forms of persuasion to tell others of the gospel since they are convinced that it is for their good.

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