A failed business venture taught me to play to my strengths

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Those who can, start businesses, and those who can’t, invest. Entrepreneurs and investors are not one and the same. It took losing €12,000 in a failed business venture to understand the critical difference. It’s money I couldn’t afford to lose — it hurt having to make loan repayments for a business that had already failed.

In 2011, two of my friends and I decided to open an internet café in Harare’s city centre. It’s incredible to think these used to be viable businesses. Yes, we should have foreseen the popularity of smartphones, but we didn’t. …

What I’ve learned in my five years of investing

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Since 2015, I have grown my money at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34%. My $5,000 investment will increase to $1.7 million after 20 years.

Before dismissing my success as beginner’s luck in a bull market, note that I have outperformed both the S&P 500 — which gained 11.63% in the same period — and Warren Buffett’s 20.3% record since 1965.

Here are some important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

1. All roads lead to Rome

There is no foolproof strategy — they all have pros and cons. …

Travel. Zimbabwe. Waterfall.

The 2nd highest waterfall in Africa

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Image by Solly Muwaniri

Imagine waking up to this spectacular view of Mutarazi falls — but never bothering to visit in person. That was me for years until 2020 shook me out of my apathy. Life is too short never to explore such a natural wonder.

Mutarazi is the 2nd highest waterfall in Africa and seventeenth in the world. It eclipses the much-heralded Victoria Falls in height. However, many outsiders are still oblivious to its existence, while locals are terrified to approach it.

Yes, locals are afraid of Mutarazi falls. Over the years, there have been the occasional disappearances of people in the vicinity…

The bible allows divorce and remarriage for abused victims.

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Any discussion on divorce and remarriage must begin by affirming marriage’s desirability. Couples should not be quick to opt-out whenever problems arise. If at all possible, they should seek restoration via repentance, reconciliation, and rebuilding.

However, we exist in a post-fallen world, where some marriages are frankly beyond salvaging, even after many restorative efforts. In such cases, the Bible makes ‘concessions’ and allows divorce and the right to remarry. A concession is permitted because it’s better to regulate sin than to relinquish control over it altogether. …

How to process Ravi Zacharias verified gross sexual misconducts.

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The truth is out — what’s hidden has now been brought into the light. No longer are we dealing with allegations but facts, confirmed by an independent third party — Miller & Martin PLLC. Lament is the only appropriate action. You are to cry for the victims, Ravi’s family and the church.

It is often said, “Christians are the biggest obstacle to Christianity”. You can’t argue with that in this case? You don’t have the luxury of saying, “they aren’t real Christians anyway”. You can’t see the heart, that judgement is reserved for God alone.

Yet, in your acknowledgement of…

You don’t need 10,000 followers to make a difference with your writing advice

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They have forgotten the joy and ecstasy that comes from small wins on the platform — a single clap, a single highlight, a single positive comment or the first time you receive the mythical tag — ‘chosen for further distribution’. Most top writers have notifications turned off — they are drowning from too many claps, highlights and comments.

It hurts to hear your writing heroes make sarcastic remarks pointed at newbies — especially if you are a newbie parting with a few hundred dollars to enrol in top writer’s online courses.

  • “No-one wants to read about how you made $5…

Stock Investing has come a long way since the time of Benjamin Graham in the 1920s.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Growing up is bittersweet — who doesn’t remember their first day of primary school. You were excited and nervous at the same time. The time had arrived to leave the school of mum and dad. It was painful but necessary.

It’s the same with your investing education. The time has come to embrace new teachers with ideas that may challenge your old ones. Disruptive technologies of the last two decades won’t allow you to invest ‘only’ with techniques developed a century ago.

I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. …

Your modest sum of money is a plus in the Stock Market

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A commenter highlighted that my good investing record owed much to how little I was investing. I agree. It’s easier to invest $5,000 than $5 billion.

So, I use that to my advantage and invest accordingly — simply copying Buffett’s trades burdens me with his limitations. He has to make good returns on billions of dollars while the whole world watches.

You, on the other hand, don’t have that dilemma. You don’t have billions burning a hole in your pocket.

Record a purpose sentence stating why you are investing in the first place

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“Remember, remember why you quit” was the simple message I recorded of myself washing cars on a freezing Saturday morning. After 5 years of university studies, I found myself having to wash cars. A decent graduate salary couldn’t stop me hating my job, so I quit.

The following months were a living hell. I had to contend with unemployment, job rejections, criticisms from those who saw me as a quitter. What kept me going was that simple video recording, reminding me of why I quit in the first place.

I want to encourage you to record a selfie video, stating…

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